Thought For The Day

Thought For The Day:

Sign on the side of the road: "On This Exact Spot on July, 24, 1876, Nothing Happened."

Retirement is great except you don't get a day off.

Telephone. An object which rings when the only person at home is taking a bath.

One man's telephone is another man's wrong number.

Telephone. A device that makes it easy to distinguish voices and hard to extinguish them.

Telephone, n, An invention of the devil which abrogates some of the advantages of making a disagreeable person keep his distance.

A telephone pole never strikes a vehicle except in self defence.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

E-mail Address

I have added my e-mail address which you will see below under contact details.


  1. Hi Rob,

    I sent this as an email to your address at the bottom of the page but it could not be delivered.

    Thanks for your email to the ATCS.

    The Secretary has passed it on to me as webmaster. I have placed a link on
    our LINKS page using a picture from your site. If you have a more
    appropriate picture or logo, please let me know and I will use that.

    Please add a link to our site on your page.

    Our Society, along with other Telephone Societies in Australia, USA, New
    Zealand, UK and Sweden send each other newsletters for no charge and we
    agree to use any info in them for our own newsletter. We could add you to
    the list if you like or we put a PDF version of the newsletter on the web
    site in the members area. You could get a copy that way if preferred.
    Newsletters back to 2006 are on the site and the member's password is
    "magneto35". It will change in September.

    The phone you feature at the top of your page (Ericsson with bells on the
    front) is interesting as we sold one recently at an auction of a deceased
    member's collection and we were all wondering where it came from. I assume
    this was a phone used in South Africa. (Ours did not have the crest or the
    number label). A little info on this would be interesting and may appear
    in our newsletter.

    Kind regards,
    Bob Mills
    Editor & Webmaster

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